- Equipment and Endorsements -

I have several endorsements: Fernandes basses & guitars, Trickfish amplifiers & loudspeakers, Dean Markley strings and NADY wireless transmitters. As a member of Jack Mack and the Heart Attack, I have an endorsement with AKG Acoustics, makers of microphones and other electronics.


I have a few of these, a Fernandes APB-100, a blonde 5-string with gold hardware. I also have another APB-100 5-string, a tobacco sunburst with gold hardware, which the Fernandes people converted to fretless for me. They both play and sound great live as well as in the studio. Additionally, I own a Fernandes LE-2G "Strat copy" guitar (metallic gold w/ gold hardware), which I use for writing and for the occasional guitar gig.


Bullhead 1k amp
w/ 2 Small Mouth SM112 single 12" cabinets

My good friend Richard Ruse, a very pro bassist himself, invited me to join Team Trickfish. After years playing with notables such as Chaka Kahn & Artist Rep'ing for companies like SWR, he knows what he's doing. I've had this rig for awhile now and I LOVE IT!!! One thousand watts - seven pounds. 2x 8 ohm cabs with Eminence 12's & HF horns.



I use and endorse Dean Markley strings exclusively. I’ve been using "Blue Steel" round wounds since 1986. Currently, I have "Blue Steel" round wound Medium Light No.2679 for 5-string. The gauges are .50, .70, .85, .105 & .128. I have custom lights on both of my 4-strings. On my electric guitar, I use Dean Markley Regular No. 101317. I also have a little Dean Markley K20B practice amplifier, which I use for practice and writing sessions. It’s small, lightweight and works great.


Since I’ve gone wireless, I’ve become so spoiled by the freedom that when I have to use guitar cords, it drives me nuts. I have 3 NADY wireless systems: two for my bass and a wireless microphone for gigs where I front a band as lead vocalist. I have a NADY 701 VHF receiver/transmitter and a NADY 1200 VHF in 2-space racks. The wireless microphone uses another 701 VHF. I rely on them for their clean, clear sound & rugged dependability.


As a past member of Jack Mack and the Heart Attack, I, along with the rest of the band, endorse AKG microphones. Showcasing these mikes, we performed for AKG at the Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, CA.


My rack case is SKB, a 4-space. Rugged reliability they travel well and provide great protection.

I have a beautiful Dean Tradition 1-GN acoustic guitar. It has a Dean Markley "Sweet Spot" pick-up mounted in the bridge and it rings like a bell.

I use
Korg DTR-2 tuners (3 of them). Currently, the effects I use live include a Voodoo Lab Analog Chorus from Digital Music Corp. The company owner, Josh Fiden, is a good friend. He makes great products and I’m encouraging him to get into making some bass effect pedals. While attending the NAMM Show 2000 in L.A, I acquired both a Unichorus chorus/flanger and an Octabass octave pedal made by EBS of Sweden. Sweet little effects pedals. Another acquisition I made at the NAMM Show was a Demeter BEQP-2 Bass EQ. This little gem is a tiny preamp/EQ about the size of a small effects pedal which makes any amp sound great, while adding the warmth of an old tube amp. Not in production yet (it's a prototype). I take it with me everywhere, just in case. 

If you have any questions about my equipment, endorsements or just like to talk shop, feel free to email me:

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