Tim with Steve Ferrone at NAMM!

Tim performed at the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA. on January 19th, 2007 at the Sabian Cymbals annual show, Sabian Live!, with veteran studio/concert drummer Steve Ferrone. Steve's band, Farm Fur, featured vocals by the legendary Alex Ligertwood of Santana and Brian Auger fame and Bernard Fowler, of Living Color, Herbie Hancock and the Rolling Stones.

Preceding that on the previous night was a live performance of Farm Fur at The Mint in West L.A,
a warm-up for their amazing show for Sabian Live! at the Winter NAMM--both shows were dedicated to the memory of world renowned saxophonist Michael Brecker and the Mint show featured a special cameo appearance by his brother, trumpeter Randy Brecker.

Steve Ferrone’s “Farm Fur” All-Star Band

Steve Ferrone, drums, Bernard Fowler, vocals; Alex Ligertwood, vocals, guitar; Miles Joseph, guitar; Tim Scott, bass, vocals; Dean Gant, keyboards; Tom Saviano, sax; Jason Weber, sax; Randy Brecker, trumpet.

Steve Ferrone and Tim Scott -

The Mint
Los Angeles, CA. 2007

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